Using Worksona to make useful connections at your company

May 4, 2007

Ever wanted to meet people in marketing at your company? Or people in the Chicago office? Or people in your office who are interested in playing basketball after work? Or someone looking to mentor a junior engineer?

We all have people we’d love to meet in our companies–for mentorship, for fun, or to help grow our careers. However, as we all know, it’s really challenging to make those connections. In most companies, there is no forum or company program that makes finding the people you’re interested in meeting easy or even possible.

Worksona’s “Connect with Co-workers” features make finding co-workers that match your preferences easy. With Worksona, you have the option to receive the following types of connections with your co-workers:

  • People in certain roles, departments, or offices
  • People who’ve worked on certain projects
  • People who are interested in mentoring or being mentored
  • People who are interested in learning certain skills
  • People who would like to start an interest group
  • People who would like to play sports after work
  • People who went to the same college or worked at the same past company
  • People who’ve been to the same conferences or taken the same courses

The beauty of Worksona is you just tell us the types of people at your company that you’d like to be introduced to, and we do all the searching for you.

If you’d like to make more useful connections at your company, give Worksona a try.


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