Using Worksona to keep track of your accomplishments

April 19, 2007

Lance at YourHRGuy writes,

The number of times that I’ve asked someone for a major professional accomplishment and they’ve stumbled and given me a really poor answer is way too high for what it should be… So start documenting success and failures at work. Big ones, little ones, progressive gains, educational achievements, positive feedback from co-workers, negative feedback from bosses…

Isn’t it true? Despite years of hard work and making great contributions to the company, most people never document their successes in the workplace. When it comes time for a review or promotion (not just when job hunting), having a record of your accomplishments could prove quite valuable.

Worksona lets everyone who works at your company document their accomplishments since joining the company. By building their profile page, co-workers share the projects, products, and campaigns they’ve worked on.

In addition, Worksona lets employees ask co-workers for acknowledgements on each specific project or initiative. Over time, your Worksona profile becomes a very valuable record of your achievements!


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