Using Worksona to share ideas and answers with your co-workers

April 13, 2007

Almost every employee has ideas for improvement–of products, of processes, and everything in between. Sometimes employees in big companies know who to talk to to effect change. But often, those thoughts and ideas get lost in the fray, and the innovative idea never comes to fruition.

Worksona discussion forums were specifically designed to facilitate this kind of communication that is often lost within large organizations.

Worksona discussion forums allow people within your company to:

  • share your thoughts and get feedback from others at your company,
  • ask questions and get help from your co-workers,
  • share good articles, links, or websites with your co-workers, and
  • discuss ideas with co-workers who want to start or join an interest group.

Worksona allows employees to connect and help each other in ways never before possible!


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