Using Worksona to network within your company

April 4, 2007

Most people would agree networking that within your company is important for career success. But how do you do that? Networker Jason Jacobsohn in an article suggests:

  • Attending company events
  • Helping others
  • Joining a committee

These methods are all tried and true…and have been for decades. But how can web services help? At most, companies usually only have an arcane company directory.

Worksona has developed a service specifically designed to help people who work for big companies network with their company. When you join Worksona, you can:

  • Browse the profile pages of everyone at your company
  • Invite co-workers to join your company network
  • Meet co-workers in specific offices or on specific projects
  • Find a mentor or mentee
  • Meet co-workers interested in starting an interest group
  • Find co-workers interested in playing sports after work

Worksona allows you to find the people you want to meet more powerfully than ever before. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!


7 Responses to “Using Worksona to network within your company”

  1. elaine Says:

    Hey worksona (and Wayne),

    Great job with your launch! Just wanted to send a congratulations to our Castro street neighbors. Best of luck and hope to see your team at the next lunch 2.0

    Take Care!

  2. Thanks for the mention of my article and blog. Your software looks like a great tool for building relationships within an organization.

  3. David Gong Says:

    Every time during performance review time, I saw many dis-believing and disappointed eyes. Your service is a great tool to recognize everyday achievements by “WE” and boost moral, and make the performance review more facts and peer feedback based instead of perceptions. However, as a boss, shouldn’t I praise my associates personally and regularly, and make sure their strength and weakness are known instead of asking/forcing everyone to register with an outside SN site? And shouldn’t the project manager(s) decide the quality of a finished project and how well people are contributing? Sometimes, a too open and small SN will skew the actual evaluation of a member. And overtime, the value of such a network might be diminishing and does not change much of the ways performance and knowledge are managed. Just my 2 humble cents.

  4. worksona Says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your thoughts! We hope that Worksona will offer employees an easy and low-key way to recognize each other in a way that others in the company can see. I don’t expect managers to stop giving performance reviews, but giving someone a little note of recognition on Worksona could be a useful way of showing appreciate during the time between regular quarterly/annual performance reviews!


  5. George Ogilvie Says:

    Worksona is for LOSERS. Any accolades that that are given on the site are WORTHLESS. A little note of recognition DOESN’T PAY THE BILLS.

  6. Joe Blow Says:

    …but giving someone a little note of recognition on Worksona could be a useful way of showing appreciate during the time between regular quarterly/annual performance reviews! This is worthless when it comes to feeding me and my family. Too bad the moderator is an asshole and will block this post because it offers no praise of worksona.

  7. worksona Says:

    Wow hot discussion. I would have to disagree with recognition being *worthless* and not paying the bills. I think that recognition outside of the review cycle can be more genuine and thus MORE POWERFUL.

    At my last job, I had received unsolicited informal recognition, to which my boss and direct boss were cc’d on. Not only did the recognition make me feel great and more engaged with my job, I firmly believe it led to my quick promotion and large raise.

    Come review time, your manager will be so inundated with paperwork, that I think making a good impression year round is so important as it will be easier to remember that, than trying to figure out and see what you are doing right now.

    Thoughts of your work are being formed year round that feed into review time…where it’s a documentation of those thoughts.

    Here are some other posts we wrote about how recognition can pay off:

    There is a lot of research done on this, just do a google search for more.

    — Holly

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