The Secret to Workplace Success

April 3, 2007

David Zinger writes a pithy statement:

If it is to be it is up to me

He then changes that last word from me to “we,” and all of a sudden it becomes more powerful and encompassing.

Finding success in the workplace is dependent on relationships and connections. While it’s true that initiative begins with the individual, it is when we branch out that more success (for yourself and colleagues) in the workplace can be achieved. You can think of it as a cycle moving from me to we and back to me.


The NY Times talks about this cycle. And as the focus moves towards “we”, it brings better chances for individual success:

“Focus on ‘we,’ not ‘me,’ ” Mr. Snodgrass (an HR Exec at Exceleron) said. “Individuals will have a better chance of receiving kudos for their work if they put their egos on the shelf and emphasize how the outcome was the result of a team effort.”

It is fitting that David Zinger ends his post by recognizing others and branching out… a great example to moving from me to we to gain workplace success.

– Holly

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2 Responses to “The Secret to Workplace Success”

  1. davidzinger Says:

    I love your diagram of me to we.

    My sense of the WE(E)-Factor in engagement and leadership is growing daily.

    The only time I don’t care for we is when a medical person looks at me when I am sick and asks, “how are we today?”

  2. worksona Says:

    Thanks for your comment! The diagram was inspired by your post =). I agree, it’s no fun when the doctor uses “we” when it’s really you … hahah


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