NYT – Want Recognition? Share the Limelight

April 3, 2007

Ever wonder how to get more credit for the work you do? The New York Times ran a great article about applauding your peers in the workplace as the best way to get recognition yourself. My old friend Steve, truly the nicest human being you’d ever come across, exemplified Matt Villano’s point.

Steve never talked about himself. When asked to report on the progress of his sales team, Steve would say in meetings

Josh sold a $65K contract Monday, 2 weeks ahead of plan. Mari did an outstanding job on XYZ. My guys really went to the mat this last week…

…even though Josh and Mari were not at the usual Monday sales meeting. Of course, when Josh and Mari were present, he would heap double doses of praise on his team. The net effect was that everybody always attributed accomplishments to Steve S’s wonderful leadership. There was even a time when my group closed a minor $100K telecom contract, and it was initially attributed to Steve!

Steve was a good friend, and an even better role model. Today, I am passionate about building a service that can help people publicly recognize others for their great contributions in teams. You have the opportunity to make those around you feel great and motivated; but ironically, you may just be the biggest benefactor in the end.



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