“Those Marketing Folks”

March 27, 2007

I was listening to a great podcast by Anna Farmery at the Engaging Brand with Mike Sansone as a guest. He spoke about how corporate blogging could improve motivation and cross functional communication. At one point he said that infamous phrase:

“those marketing folks”

I had to let out a giggle because we would say that all the time at my last company. I had no idea who was in marketing, but they affected my sometimes painful life oh so greatly. Requirements would flow through them, usability would flow through them, and they marketed our product after release–but I did not know anyone in marketing. Late at night, trying to sort out a complicated interaction to fulfill a requirement, I’d shake my fists in the air and say:

“those marketing folks”

Sure, it was easy to blame them because they were faceless, and it was late at night =)

We at Worksona try to give everyone faces to everyone and help relationships within the company. So now when you say “those marketing folks,” you’ll know which ones.

…oh and one more thing: you can find all the great benefits of having a “corporate social network” on Worksona! =)


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