The Birth of Worksona

February 19, 2007

T-t-testing-testing. Are we on?Hi everyone, and welcome to the Worksona blog! We’re coming to you live from the home offices on Castro Street in Mountain View, California. Worksona is a brand new service that will launch into beta in the next few weeks, and we’re so excited to bring it to you.

“Always pain before a child is born…” – U2

We think Bono was right: great new things are usually born out of pain. And the story of Worksona begins with the pain our co-founders felt in our jobs at big companies. But we’ll save more of our rants for later…

espite all the efforts of our managers and HR departments, we increasingly felt like something was missing in the system. We felt the need for something more–something not controlled by the company–that would give us the authority to manage our identities and reputations at work, something that would give us the power to recognize and interact with our coworkers in the ways we desired.

And so, Worksona was born. Worksona is the first step toward fulfilling our vision that a third-party social utility can significantly enhance the quality of workplace life for millions of people who work at large companies. We promise we’ll always be about making life better for people who work at big companies.

In fact, people at two large American companies have already launched Worksona communities, and communities at 10 more companies will be launching in the next few weeks. We’re getting great feedback, and look forward to telling you more about it just as soon as we finish a few things up đŸ™‚

We look forward to being in conversation with you over the coming weeks and months (and hopefully years) as Worksona develops and grows.

Cheers to the future!

The Worksona team
(Kevin, Holly, Mike, Wayne, Frank, and Justin)


One Response to “The Birth of Worksona”

  1. glad to see this coming soon! can’t wait…


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